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About us

Australasia Elite is Australia’s first educational institution that has provided CPA training program towards Chinese. It has now developed into the largest CPA training centre in the Asia-Pacific region. We have engaged in financial and accounting professional certificate training, as well as job seeking skills training and internship training for overseas Chinese. Australasia Elite always adhere to the "three sincerity" core culture of "honesty, integrity and sincerity". Australasia Elite pays attention to the solution of each problem, the design of each case, the needs of each student, and the feedback of each course.


Training Programs

​CPA certificate training

There are two ways to obtain the qualification of Australian CPA: you can start from the professional stage and the fundamental stage, which one you choose depends on your previous work and education background. Since the Master of Professional Accounting courses offered by all universities currently cover the basic courses of CPA, that is, after completing the MPA major, you can enter the professional stage of study and examination. If you do not follow the traditional way to enter the accounting industry, you may need to start from the fundamental stage. This stage includes a set of examinations that enable students to demonstrate their skills and lay the foundation for entering the professional stage. Only after completing all CPA Foundation Level and successfully passing the exams can you continue to participate in Professional Level. The CPA tutors of Australasia Elite are all senior professional lecturers. They are not only CPAs, but also have many years of accounting working experience. They are practical in explaining the key points and closely related to the actual problems in the professional field.

The training course of the subjects that we provide:

Four compulsory subjects:

Ethics and Governance

Strategic Management Accounting

Financial Reporting

Global Strategy and Leadership

Four elective subjects:

Advanced Audit and Assurance
Contemporary Business Issues
Financial Risk Management
Australia Taxation


Professional Training

The professional training provided by Australasia Elite includes career planning, resume modification, interview training, etc., and is explained by HR and senior managers of Australian financial companies to help various professionals achieve their career goals. The coaches of the Australasia Elite are senior professionals, not only have they worked in their respective professional fields for many years, but most of them hold positions at the supervisor level or human resources department


★Honesty: In the most sincere way for the development of clients' careers, we provide clients with the information they need most, whether in training or in the consulting process


★Integrity: In the process of providing training, we keep our promise to provide customers with the highest quality education and training

★Sincerity: Sincerely listen to analysis and understand the needs of customers, explain the training we can provide to customers in an honest manner

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